Safety, Health & Environment

The Company also gives more attention towards Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) factors. This is important to ensure the protection of certain aspects of every employee, since the Company’s business activity in the extraction fields that have high risk levels on worker accidents. The Company placed high working standards, especially in terms of compliance with prevailing working system based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which has been composed in an efficient and effective synergy between the Company, employees, and partners to record zero fatal accident.

Health Policy

  • Maximize its effort to achieve the high standards of occupational health
  • Develop and include more comprehensive safety and health management procedures to address other hazards that may be more relevant as the mine development progresses e.g. ionizing radiation, fitness for work, noise and vibration

Safety Policy

  • Continuously improving Safety, Health and Environmental Management which involves the authority
  • Creating Healthy Working Environment and considering Environmental Impact in every working activities
  • Implementing Management System for Safety, Health and Environment inline with existing regulation

Environmental matters

  • Adheres to the provision of Environment Law
  • Commit to provide a maximum effort and resources to restore ex-mining areas
  • Continuously seek to optimize the success of rehabilitation activities


Certificate of Appreciation

  • Certificate Award from East Kalimantan Governor 2015 - 2016
  • Certificate Award from East Kalimantan Governor 2014 - 2015
  • Certificate Award from East Kalimantan Governor 2013 - 2014
  • Certificate Green Proper Award Of PT Internasional Prima Coal 2018
  • Certificate from Samarinda's Government - World Environment Day 2012
  • Green Certificate from East Kalimantan's Government 2011/2012
  • Plakat Proper Hijau 2012-2013
  • Green Award in Company Performance Appraisal Program 2012-2013
  • Green Award in Company Performance Appraisal Program for Environmental Management 2012-2013